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I am currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University.   My work is primarily in epistemology and philosophy of religion, with a focus on issues concerning fallibilism, epistemic modals, invariantism, and knowledge norms.  The project of my dissertation was to offer a systematic defense of fallibilist invariantism.


(2012- 2014): Postdoctoral Research. New Insights and Directions in Religious Epistemology Project, directed by John Hawthorne.

Ph.D., Philosophy, Saint Louis University, 2007-2012.

Dissertation: “Why I Can Know I Will Lose the Lottery: A Defense of Stable Fallibilism”


Selected Papers

Fallibilism and the Flexibility of Epistemic Modals (2014) Philosophical Studies 167 (3): 597-606.

On the Intimate Relationship of Knowledge and Action (2015) Episteme 12 (3): 343-353.

Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes (with John Hawthorne) (forthcoming) Oxford Studies in Epistemology, volume 6.

Putting Fallibilism to Work (forthcoming) in Normativity: Epistemic and Practical. OUP.

Hume, Defeat, and Miracle Reports (forthcoming) in Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology. OUP.

Divine Hiddenness: Defeated Evidence  (forthcoming) Philosophy.

Gettier and Fallibilism (forthcoming) The Gettier Problem. ed by Stephen Hetherington. Cambridge.

On Providing Evidence (forthcoming) Episteme (email me to see a draft)



Intro to Philosophy

Intro to Epistemology

Modern Philosophy

Contemporary Issues in Epistemology (Graduate seminar)

Fallibilism and Evidence (Graduate seminar)

Divine Hiddenness (Graduate seminar)


Selected Presentations

Divine Hiddenness: Defeated Evidence. Oxford University, May 2015.

Defeat, Testimony, and Miracle Reports. Rutgers University, May 2014.

Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes. Oxford University, March 2013.

Putting Fallibilism to Work. APA Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle. April 2012.

Fallibilism and the Flexibility of Epistemic Modals. APA Central Division Meeting, Chicago, 2012.

On the Intimate Relationship of Knowledge and Action. APA Eastern Division Meeting, Washington D.C. 2011.